About Us

A Love for Anything Bicycle.

What is Bike Chaser?

If you’re anything like us, you’re passionate about cycling. It’s the freedom of being on a bike, the burning feeling through your legs when you climb a steep hill, the feeling of accomplishment after a big ride and the competitiveness and camaraderie that makes the sport so enjoyable.

And then, of course, there’s all the gear! You’re on a constant hunt for new equipment. Equipment that will make your ride feel lighter, faster and perhaps even a lot cooler. That’s what we love about cycling (just as much as having that latte at the end of a ride). Bicycles, wheels, components, saddles, handlebars - it’s never-ending and so much fun.

We’re here to help you with your passion.

Bike Chaser exists to support and foster the growth of the Australian cycling community (Bike Shops and Cyclists) by providing a platform for cyclists to connect and trade. Buy and sell anything bicycle via our simple yet comprehensive trading platform, designed to remove the cost and hassle of buying and selling cycling gear. Join Bike Chaser and be part of Australia’s number one Cycling Community. You’ll get access to exclusive deals and content sourced by us to benefit you.

We’re here to enhance the cycling community in Australia. As YOU are very much integral to what our company stands for, we’d love to hear your suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

Why is Bike Chaser Different?

Bike Chaser is an established online bicycle marketplace connecting Australian bike shops with consumers looking to purchase bicycle equipment.

Originating as a bicycle blog Bike Chaser has grown to become an industry leader for cycling solutions in Australia. Our content - with a strength in video - is very focused on educating bicycle buyers on the value proposition of the local bike shop. This gives us a unique point of difference, as quality leads are generated for bike shops based on conversion content.

The service offering covers classifieds, eCommerce, lead generation, reviews, and video content.

Who's behind Bike Chaser?

Cameron Nicholls

Cameron was born in the city of the Tour Down Under, Adelaide, but has since convinced his wife that every house more than 1 km from Beach Road, Melbourne has dry rot, and has set up house/bike locker along the busiest cycling route in the world. The only thing to pull this tough guy off his bike and stay home is his two little girls (and a light drizzle).

Cameron has travelled the world with his career, selling complex software solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations. These days his travels are limited to trips up and down Beach Road where he likes to sport what (in his own opinion) is the most aero bike known to mankind.

A passionate cyclist with a background in corporate enterprise sales. Cameron brings a proven track record is sales and client management in addition to a passion for cycling and an intimate understanding of the local cycling community. Cameron leads Bike Chaser’s sales and client retention, in addition to content creation and execution.

Renato Dayan

An entrepreneur and digital strategist, Renato has vast experience in a range of business disciplines including product development, technology and marketing, as well as Bachelor in Marketing and Masters in Business. Renato joined Bike Chaser in 2016, managing the technology development and bringing his vast experience in the digital industry. Along side Cameron, Renato is Bike Chaser’s lead for Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing execution.

Cristiano Matsunaga

Cristiano has 18 years experience with creative direction, UX, prototyping, web development and startups. Cris manages an agile team responsible for designing new interfaces, applying new technical features, testing and creating new marketing collaterals for Bike Chaser.