About Bike Chaser

If you’re anything like us, you’re passionate about cycling. It’s the freedom of being on a bike, the burning feeling through your legs when you climb a steep hill, the feeling of accomplishment after a big ride and the competitiveness and camaraderie that makes the sport so enjoyable.

And then, of course, there’s all the gear! You’re on a constant hunt for the newest and latest equipment. Equipment that will make your ride feel lighter, faster and perhaps even a little cooler. That’s what we love about cycling (just as much as having that latte at the end of a ride). Bicycles, wheels, components, saddles, handlebars - it’s never-ending and so much fun.

We’re here to help you with your passion.

Bike Chaser exists to support and foster the growth of the Australian cycling community (Bike Shops and Cyclists) by providing a platform for cyclists to connect and trade. Buy and sell anything bicycle via our simple yet comprehensive trading platform, designed to remove the cost and hassle of buying and selling cycling gear. Join Bike Chaser and be part of Australia’s number one Cycling Community. .

Why is Bike Chaser Different?

Bike Chaser is an established online cycling marketplace connecting Australian bike shops with consumers looking to purchase bikes and cycling equipment.

The Bike Chaser platform provides a one stop shop where bike shops meet private sellers, private sellers connect with other cycling enthusiasts. Our objective is to create an amazing cycling community. Just a few things we offer at Bike Chaser:

    1. Dedicated page for each Bike Shop
    2. Ecommerce, allowing online purchasing and prompt shipping
    3. Click and Collect from your local bike shop with online payment
    4. Customers can contact stores directly from our site on phone or email
    5. Search and Shop by location, helping you find what you want, wherever you are
    6. Buy with confidence. Protected by the trusted eWay Omni channel payment provider, offering Beagle Anti-Fraud protection
    7. Classifieds enabling private buyer/sellers to sell bikes and cycling equipment

Bike Chaser has grown to become an industry leader for cycling solutions in Australia with content reaching tens of thousands of cycling enthusiasts each month. We are committed on educating customers on the value proposition of the local bike shop and the importance of the local cycling community. This gives us a unique point of difference, as quality leads are generated for bike shops based on conversion content.

Our news feed is an extension of our dedication to the local cycling community providing genuine helpful advice, reviews and other content in order for you to find the right product, while feeling informed and empowered to make the right decision. Whether you’re after information, advice or just to learn then the Bike Chaser news feed is for you.

Who's behind Bike Chaser?

Adam Finn

Born in Melbourne and now living in Geelong, Adam spends most of his down time with his wife and son, enjoying the Geelong foreshore or carving it up at the local MTB park, squeezing in a quick circuit before the sun settles over the horizon.

Adam brings a wealth of retail and financial talent to Bike Chaser with over 20 years retail experience in both sport and fast fashion retailing, working with global retailers like Nike and Cotton On (an Australian institution). A specialist in retail operations, Adam is not only aware of what it takes to succeed in retail, but has a clear view on the part retail stores play in the overall experience for customers as they navigate the retail landscape of today, bombarded by varying offers and shopping channels.

Bitten by the cycling bug a little under 10 years ago, Adam is a passionate cyclist with a love for the detail and art behind cycling. He has a strong belief in bike shops being the corner stone of the cycling community and a desire to foster and grow the Bike Chaser Bike Shop network.

Andrew Booth

After making the sea change from Sydney to Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria a little over 10 years ago, Andrew was late to the party when it comes to cycling. The move to Torquay with his wife and two young daughters created an opportunity for a lifestyle change.

The world road championships held in Geelong in 2010 ignited a passion and respect for the sport. This began a new journey starting with MTB and moving to road riding. Meeting great people and joining in local bunch rides and clubs has been the best part of cycling. Bikes, Coffee’s and occasional beers along with the banter make for a great culture and community.

Andrew brings his extensive experience working with large retailers over the last 25 plus years to the cycling community. With a background in Operational Risk, Ethics, compliance and customer service having lived and breathed retail bricks and mortar and been an active part of the online evolution Andrew understands the challenges of the new marketplace.

Its with this understanding and a pure passion for bikes and all things cycling Andrew knows the value of the traditional bike store, the value, knowledge and safety that face to face engagement with your customers brings.