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Bicycle Accessories

Find the right accessories for your bicycle on Bike Chaser. This product category is one of the biggest on Bike Chaser for a reason: bicycle accessories can help you get a lot more enjoyment out of your bike and some are just an absolute necessity. When you have bought a bike you will also need lights, locks and maintenance accessories such as lubricants, tools, cleaning kits and cleaning agents.

With a complete range of products from bike shops in all major Australian cities, you will be able to find everything from bags and baskets to bicycle tools, indoor trainers and car racks. Make your rides a bit more entertaining with our range of mobile accessories, computers and GPS devices or get the right look with a pair of new cycling sunglasses. To make sure you stay hydrated during your ride, check out our range of water bottles and bottle cages.

Avoid the pain of being stuck far away from home with a flat tyre with our range of bicycle pumps and CO2 cartridges. If you have ever had a flat tyre on the road, you’ll know about the importance of having a new tube and a pump or CO2 cartridge to hand. For the safety conscious cyclist, Bike Chaser has a large selection of bells and horns, front and rear lights, handlebar mirrors and bike locks.
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