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Beautiful bike

14 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria

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2017 Malvern Star Cruisestar SS 26"

2017 Malvern Star Cruisestar SS 26"

179 High Street, Prahran, Victoria

It’s the weekend, the sun’s out and breakfast at the cafe’ on the beach is callin...

2017 Malvern Star Cruisestar Lite 26"

2017 Malvern Star Cruisestar Lite 26"

179 High Street, Prahran, Victoria

It’s the weekend, the sun’s out and breakfast at the cafe on the beach is calling you! ...

Nirve Lahaina Cruiser Bike - 3 Speed - Metallic Pink

Nirve Lahaina Cruiser Bike - 3 Speed - Metallic Pink

179 High Street, Prahran, Victoria
$299.00 $699.00


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Cruiser bikes came on the scene in the 1930s, when bicycle sales were at an all-time low. In response to this, Schwinn created the beach cruiser, a recreational bike that was made for riding on beaches. As time went on, it became incorporated into mainstream use.

The new invention had upright handles and balloon tires that made them ideal for a ride on flat surfaces. They also had faux gas tanks, a feature that has survived to modern models. Compared to a vast majority of other types, beach cruisers are sturdier and more durable.

They are ideal for beach goers and people who want to ride around town in a fun way. If you have decided to check out cruiser bikes for sale, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for.

Make Sure it’s the Right Fit

To be sure you’re getting the right fit, you have to decide if you want a men’s or women’s cruiser bike. There are also unisex options that would fit both sexes. Men’s designs have a tube that goes from the head tube to the top of the seat tube. This design makes it quite uncomfortable for women. On the other hand, women’s designs have a tube that goes down to the centre of the seat frame, making it quite unsuitable for men.

Also, unlike some other styles, cruiser bike sizes are measured by the diameter of their wheels, instead of the size of their frames. The popular sizes are 16”, 20”, 24”, and 26”. The 26” rim is meant for adults and bigger teenagers. But if you are really huge, there are size 29” rims made for people who are 6 feet or more.

Style is Important

Although cruiser beach bikes have their distinctive look, there are other styles available. The general design of a cruiser is a swooping frame, wide-set handlebars, and a saddle seat. The three major styles in the family are Chopper, Lowrider and Comfort.

The chopper has suspension forks and prominent rear wheel tyres. It also has a lower centre of gravity and has hot rod paint jobs. Comfort styles have fenders and suspension seatposts. They articulately combine the soft ride with a more conventional style. Lowriders have extra parts like springer forks and bullet headlights. They are modelled after retro Schwinn Sting Ray and other muscle frames.

If you want more design, you can always add other components like a wicker basket or a rear rack.

Check Out the Frame

There are two major materials used to make the frames of cruiser bikes: steel or aluminium. Frames made from steel are cheaper than aluminium frames. However, they would need more maintenance because they are not immune to rust like aluminium.

Also, steel frames are quite heavy. If you are considering buying a steel-framed product, make sure it is portable, if you'll need to move it around frequently.

On the other hand, aluminium frames are more expensive than steel frames. However, the initial costs will be more than worth it over time. This is because aluminium frames are easier to maintain compared to steel frames. You can have them for years and they won’t show any signs of wear or tear. They are also resistant to rust and are quite light, making for an enjoyable ride.

The Brakes and Gearing

On this site you will find products with our without gears - your own specific needs will determine which of these would fit you. The single speed cruiser is one that doesn’t have any gears. Instead, it has a foot/coaster brake. This style is suitable for a ride on a flat and smooth terrain. Also, a lot of designs come equipped with front and rear handbrakes, and a rear derailleur.

Bicycles that have higher gear ratios usually feature more resistance and speed, making them suitable for even and flat terrain. But the resistance offered reduces with every reduced gear, making it easier to peddle uphill.

The Seat

The seat would be a very significant factor in determining how much you'll enjoy your new ride. Make sure the seat is wide and has enough spring action.

One reason why the seat needs to be wide is because the sitting position of the rider will put some pressure on the seat. This means that the sitting bones of the rider have to be well placed, with extra cushioning and clear outer space.

Also, considering the fact that the best cruiser bikes are not necessarily made for aggressive riding, they don't require streamlined saddles. Instead, the ideal seat is one that has a quick-release binder.

The Front and Rear Fenders

When buying your new cool ride, make sure you get one that has fenders pre-installed. You might not need them at present, but they will save you from the cost of having to buy fenders when you do need them. Fortunately, most options come with fenders as they help protect you from dust, sand, and spraying water. This would definitely come in handy if you use your bike to move around the city.


The price for cruiser bikes range widely. The simpler the product, the less features it will have and the less it will cost. If you are getting a custom designed product, then you should be ready to spend more.

When getting a cruiser bike, always make sure that it is equipped with all the basic necessities like front and rear fenders, a bottle holder, gears, brakes, and a basket. You can easily shop for from makers like Electra, Schwinn, Nirve other quality manufacturers on Bike Chaser.

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