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A quality bicycle frame is the most important component of any performance bike. It is the part to which you attach all other components to, meaning that your choice of frame is also crucial in determining which other components on your wish list you'll be able to have. This is true whether you're looking to build a custom bike or upgrading an old one for more demanding cycling. You'll find a wide variety of bike frames for sale at Bike Chaser, ranging from road and mountain frames to more specialized ones intended for track, time trial or cyclocross.

The ultimate goal of cycle frame designers is to provide cyclists with the strongest structure possible at the lowest achievable weight. The material from which the item is made is the biggest factor in how strong it will be, but the way in which it is constructed is also very important. That's what makes the frames made by Bianchi, Soma, Giant, Trek and other brands you'll find on Bike Chaser different from generic, fragile ones you'd find at stores selling generic brands. When you find a road bike frameset for sale here, you can be certain it will last you for many years of riding.


When it comes to picking the best one for you, your priorities are going to be determined by what kind of bicycle you're building and how you intend to use it.

Sometimes, newbie cyclists make the mistake of choosing a frame simply because it looks good. Generally speaking, that’s going about it the wrong way. Aesthetics are important, but your bicycle will certainly begin to look less beautiful if you get aches every time you ride it for even a short distance.

For casual riders who only use their bikes to commute to work and back, comfort will likely be the most important thing on your agenda. On the other hand, if you intend to use your cycle to race, aerodynamics will certainly rank at the top of your list. Unfortunately, maximal comfort and speed do not often go hand in hand. In light of that, it is very important that you take sufficient time to outline how you’ll be using the bike, to ensure that you pick the frame that is best for you.

See our article on how to choose the right bike for an in-depth overview of the pros and cons of different bicycle types.

Which Bike Frame Material Is Best For You?

Over time, there has been a lot of innovation when it comes to cycle frame materials. There are cyclists who swear by the different materials available, showing that they all have their advantages. Ultimately, it’s going to boil down to your personal preferences and how much you’re willing to spend.


Steel has been used in the production of bicycles for a long time, and it is still a very common material. It is also referred to as Chromoly. It is a very dense, strong metal that is not easily deformed by impact in the course of riding, although this will be largely determined by its thickness.

In spite of its density, it is not as stiff as other materials. This reduced stiffness means that it is capable of providing you with a smoother ride. You’ll really appreciate this when you’re riding over rougher terrain, whether in the course of a race or just commuting.

When it comes to durability, steel is reputed for its virtually infinite fatigue and endurance limits. To be sure it stays in good condition, you’ll have to take extra precautions to make sure it doesn’t begin to rust.


The first thing you’ll notice with aluminium frames is that they are not as dense as steel. This means they are lighter, but it also means you lose some of the strength you would have gotten with a steel one. They are much stiffer too, and while some people might not like the effect of that on comfort, a stiffer material means increased efficiency in transferring energy to the pedals. This means you’ll get more speed for the same effort, and is certainly an advantage if you intend to race with your bicycle.

If your priority is aerodynamics and speed, then an aluminium frame will likely be a good choice for you, especially because you can find many cheap bike frames made from it. Also, it doesn’t corrode at all, making it a very good choice if you ride constantly, even in the rainy season.


This material has a remarkable weight-to-strength ratio, with endurance limits that even surpass that of steel. When you buy one, you can be certain of getting many, many years of riding out of it. In addition, a titanium bike frame will provide you with a great ride quality on any terrain, similar to a steel frame with substantial spring and high comfort.

Once, titanium products were very rare and exotic luxuries meant only for those people for whom price was not an object. With the effects of increased production by more diverse manufacturers nowadays, you can find a titanium MTB frame online for an affordable price.


With its futuristic look and exceptional properties, it is no surprise that the carbon bike frame has become the darling of the world’s top riders and weekend warriors alike.

Gram for gram, carbon fibre is stronger and lighter than almost any other metal. The fascination of cyclists with carbon bicycle parts becomes clearer when you consider that it was an import from the aerospace industry, where getting even lower weights without compromising strength is the Holy Grail.

You can find carbon road bike frames for sale at Bike Chaser, with the assurance of strength and durability that is associated with composite materials. You’ll be able to ride your bike for years without having to worry about corrosion, all while enjoying a smooth ride thanks to its shock absorbing properties. Also, one often-overlooked advantage of the strength of these frames is that they protect other parts of the bike when they absorb the impact from rough riding.

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