The Bike Chaser Scholarship is awarded annually to an eligible applicant. Through this scholarship we hope to make a meaningful difference to young Australians who aspire to achieve their full potential.

Scholarship Value

AU$1,000 p.a. to an eligible candidate.

Eligibility and Selection

To meet the requirements for the Bike Chaser Scholarship you must be:

  • · Between 18-25 years of age.
  • · Currently be enrolled in a tertiary degree at an Australian university.
  • · Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • · Demonstrate academic potential through a minimum ATAR of 80 or equivalent.
  • · Be involved in sports as an elite-amateur or high-level athlete.

Application Process

Applications are open throughout the year. The successful applicant will be chosen based on a combination of their academic potential, their written application and how they meet the selection criteria set out above.

To apply for the Bike Chaser Scholarship please send a written application to with the following information:

  • · Your current resume.
  • · A transcript of your ATAR results.
  • · A cover letter describing why you should receive the scholarship.
  • · A description of the course you are currently undertaking at an Australian university.
  • · Proof of enrollment.
  • · A description of your participation in high-level sports and appropriate proof thereof.
  • · Applicants are also required to submit a 600-800 word essay on why they have chosen to combine high-level sports with a tertiary degree.

The scholarship is awarded annually on 30 October and the recipient is notified via email. Applications close 30 September.

Bike Chaser's Motivation

Bike Chaser is proud to support and foster young Australian athletes in achieving their full potential academically and in their chosen sport. Bike Chaser is more than a marketplace for buying and selling bicycle products – we are a part of the local community that we serve through our products and services, blog content, videos, training courses, sponsorships of local cycling teams and much more. Find lots of bicycles for sale in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and other major cities around Australia.