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Cycle care centre

Cycle care centre

Cycle Care Centre commenced operation in July 2019 and is operated by Greg Turtur, drawing on his 30 years' experience in the industry.

Greg caters for all types of cyclists, from full racing athletes to everyday cyclists. Greg is very proud of the fact that every bike that is repaired or serviced in his shop is done to a very high standard. All bike builds are assembled on site making sure all parts like cables, chains, pedals, seat pillars and centre brackets are lubricated and adjusted to the correct level.

Centre Care Centre also offer a full set-up service, this includes a correct measuring of your body and the adjustment of your bike to get you comfortable and make sure everything like seat, shoes, pedals and cleats are set at the correct level and position. This will allow you to enjoy the experience, not to mention being more efficient and powerful on the bike. If you are experiencing a problem with your bike, call Greg and he guarantees you will not be disappointed with the service, knowledge and satisfaction you will get at Greg's Cycle Care Centre.

Greg Turtur

Greg has had a managing role in the bike business since 1990. He has an extensive knowledge of all the products and bikes on the market. He is a first class mechanic and very conscientious when it comes to working on your bike. Being a former racing cyclist, he understands your needs when it comes to the maintenance of your bicycle and will advise you in relation to every aspect of its operation, including all the various accessories.