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Clothing for Cycling

Cycling apparel is designed to make you feel comfortable while giving you the flexibility and movement to perform at your best. However, these days a cycling kit is also a fashion statement and a way for you to show the world who you are - in black and white or in full colour. Cool brands such as Jaggad, Rapha, Black Sheep and MAAP have helped create a massive change in the quality, look and feel of bike clothing. Weekend warriors and recreational cyclists across Australia have replaced their pro kit replicas with fashion-forward outfits that make you look cool, slick and in control.

In Bike Chaser’s range of clothing for men and women you will find quality garments and products to suit any cycling discipline and skill level.

Bike Shorts

Bike Chaser offers male and female short pants and knicks for road, BMX and mountain riding. Padded cycling shorts are an absolute must if you’re riding long distances. Road saddles are built for speed and efficiency rather than comfort so cushioned shorts or bibs are designed to reduce or prevent any pain caused by a hard seat. They are specifically designed with flat seams to prevent skin irritation and the extra curvature will keep you in the right position on the bike. High quality compression fabrics support muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Baggie styles are often preferred for mountain bike riding and will look like hiking shorts on the outside but have tights sown in.


Bib shorts are designed to minimise any friction and digging in to your skin while riding. The braces across your shoulders eliminate the need for an elastic waistband which can irritate your hip and abdominal area on longer rides. Because bibs are pulled tight you also reduce chafing in the crotch area, which is critical to your comfort. Remember, bibs and other bike shorts work best without underwear because they are specifically designed to sit tight around your lower half, like another layer of skin that moves along with your body. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to the fit and the difference in design features between men’s and women’s styles – try before you buy.


Cycling jerseys are more than just practical sportswear. With a multitude of cool styles and colours to choose from, bike tops give you a chance to look smart and fashionable and stand out from the crowd. Brands like Assos, Rapha, Jaggad and 2XU make super cool kits that not only look great, but are designed for maximum performance. Bike Chaser provides a wide selection of gender-specific jerseys and tops for all weather conditions and styles of riding. An assortment of short sleeves for summer and wind and water resistant long-sleeve jerseys or jackets for winter riding is a must for any serious cyclist.


Check out our collection of quality kits from Australian and international manufacturers and find your next set of beautiful cycling apparel from Black Sheep, Assos, MAAP, Fondo and more. Buy matching sets of high-quality bibs and jerseys designed for ultimate comfort, performance and good looks.


With this key wardrobe item you can feel comfortable while looking stylish on the go. Shop long and short socks for all conditions and find wool blends that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Padded and compression socks give you the extra support you need to push through on longer rides.


Our assortment of short and long finger riding gloves will give you the grip and convenience you need all year round. Short-fingered summer gloves are designed to keep your hands cool and reduce the strain on your palms, wrists and underarms when you’re resting on the handlebars. Wind and water resistant winter styles made from thin yet durable materials keep your hands warm and in control of your handling without the thickness of a ski glove.


Arm and knee warmers are essential wardrobe items for the all-year cyclist as they give you flexibility to warm up or cool down during times when the weather is cooler and unpredictable. Warmers are easy to put on or remove as needed and can provide insulation and protection against wind chill on joints and tendons in your knees, elbows and wrists.

Browse our collection of men’s and women’s bike clothing today and find the right apparel to suit your needs.
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