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Bike Components

Find components and spare parts for bikes on Bike Chaser. With thousands of items for road, mountain, downhill, BMX and more, this is your one-stop-shop for spare parts online. Use our search function to locate a local bike shop and find bicycle parts near you. Whether you’re looking for cranks, brakes, gears or a whole new groupset, we have the products to suit your needs.


Wheels and associated accessories from brands such as Mavic, Bontrager, Fulcrum and Zipp are available for sale from shops across Australia. Find wheel parts under components or look for more products in our Wheels & Parts category.

Brake Parts

Stay safe on the road with a set of quality brakes from Shimano, Kool Stop and Zipp. Find full brake sets and individual parts such as pads, cables, fluids, carbon inserts and brake discs made from materials like metal, alloy, sintered and semi metal. Good brakes will improve your handling skills in fast paced situations such as sudden stops, group riding or sharp turns – don’t go without them.


Groupsets consist of the shifters, drivetrain and brakes and it is what pushes you forward when cycling. Browse our collection of products from market dominating manufacturers SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo and find new and used items from bike stores and private sellers near you. With the right groupset you will be fully equipped with shifters, brakes, front and rear derailleurs, chain, cassette and crankset and ready to conquer the roads.


With a solid range of gear shifters from Aussie retailers and second-hand sellers you will be able to find shifters and cables to suit your needs on Bike Chaser. Our range includes thumb shifters, shifter and brake lever combos, twist and grip shifters. The products can be purchased as single items for left or right hand shifting or as combined sets for both front and rear. Gear components are compatible with Shimano products.

Seats and Saddles

Find a variety of seats and saddles for men and women from Fizik, Azur, Velo, Selle Italia and more. Saddles come in many shapes and sizes so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Variations include versatile all-round seats with features such as comfort foam, suspension and gel padding. Many products will come with a cut-out in the centre which allows for heat transportation and reduced pressure on the pelvis from prolonged riding. Male and female seats come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the difference in body shapes between genders.

Seat Posts

Quality seat posts offer you the ability to get more comfortable on your bike and make your ride lighter. Made from materials such as alloy and carbon fibre, our selection of seat posts come in many shapes and colours and with and without suspension. Our range of solid, no-frills seat clamps will get the job done and get you riding in no time.


Handlebar stems for road and MTB can be found in our components category. Head stems come in materials such as carbon and alloy and are often adjustable to suit your needs. Having the right stem is very important to your bike fit and comfort. When you’re buying stems/handlebar risers you should consider the length and slope (degrees of rise provided) as well as what bar diameter is suitable for your handlebar. The most common measurements are 28.6 mm (handlebar) to 31.8 mm (bar bore fitment) and 22.2 mm to 25.4 mm.


Shimano Ultegra, Altus and Dura-Ace are the most popular derailleurs on the market but other manufacturers such as Campagnolo and SunRace also provide real value for money. Many derailleurs are made from titanium and carbon fibre parts, making them tough, durable and lightweight.

Handlebars and Accessories

Handlebars are ultra-important for the enjoyment and efficiency of your ride. An investment in a set of quality bars will give you the comfort and ease of riding you should aim for. Manufacturers like Zipp, SL-K and FSA create lightweight and compact products which will last you a lifetime and with our range of bar tape you will be able to dress your bars with a safe and comfortable grip in the colour of your choice.

Pedals and Cleats

Pedals come in many varieties including clippless and toe clips for road and mountain biking, commuter pedals and also as shoe-and-pedal combos. There are a range of different pedal systems and configurations, with Shimano, Look and Speedplay being the most popular makers. The term clipless can confuse many cyclists because you are “clipping in” your cleats when pedalling. Clipless simply contrasts the traditional clip or strap pedals of old school cycling which have a band or strap across the top of the toes to keep the foot as attached to the pedal as possible.


Check out the Bike Chaser range of forks for BMX, mountain bikes and racing. MTB forks often come with suspension for those who like to go off road. A high-end product will make a world of difference to your comfort and enjoyment on the bike.

With a huge selection of bicycle components for sale from shops across Australia, Bike Chaser is your marketplace for everything cycling.
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