Meet the Wardrobe / Man with 170 Cycling Kits (Lee ‘Hollywood’ Turner)

Lee Turner cycling kits

In this video we go inside Lee ‘Hollywood’ Turner’s wardrobe. Lee’s range of cycling gear has become an institution in the local Melbourne road cycling scene. Going hand-in-hand with his colourful character, you’ll consistently see Lee’s bright and shiny cycling kits catching your eye in many of Melbourne’s renowned local bunch rides.

Lee is a regular here on the Bike Chaser website. He runs a podcast called ‘The Hollywood Hour’, we’ve gone into detail on his Instagram account, and we also wrote  a piece on him many years ago when we were first getting Bike Chaser off the ground.

However, this is the first time Lee’s given us an inside look into his cycling wardrobe. All 170 cycling kits…

Watch the video:

Check out Bike Chaser’s range of clothing.

Some of Lee’s kits from his Instagram account:

Lee's cycling kit

Lee's most rare cycling kit
This Saeco kit is Lee’s most rare. It’s also valued at $850!
Lee's Mapei Kit
If you watch the video you’ll see the array of different types of Mapei Lee has in his wardrobe.

Another Mapei kit

Another Mapei from Lee Turner

Lee's Astana Kit

Lee's T Mobile Kit
The T-Mobile ‘pink and white’ or ‘white and pink’ combo’s would rival the Mapei kits in Lee’s wardrobe. In terms of volume of styles!
Lee's army kit
See the attention to detail here. Matching glasses, helmet, and shoe covers.
Lee's Jelly Belly Kit
Watch the video to hear what Lee has to say about the Jelly Belly kit. LOL!
Lee's planet kit
Lee wearing his Planex kit. Lee works for Planex who provide architectural solutions / adaptive storage for the evolving workplace.

Lee's pedal kit

Lee's loudest kit
Is the Zebra style Acqua Sapone the loudest?

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