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The Hidden Athlete Project is an initiative designed to mobilised cyclists located in one of the poorest regions of Uganda. The cycling talent in Southern Uganda is extraordinary yet youth in this region have no means to realise their dreams or their incredible talent.

The Hidden Athlete Project will provide Bikes, Equipment, Clubhouse, Team Affiliation, Race Kit, Tools & Funds for Travel & Accommodation to provide these cyclists with a chance to realise a dream.

Bike Matters Torquay Hidden Athlete Project Information Night

Masaka Cycling Club.  Wondering where Masaka is?  Or maybe why you’re about to read a blog about a cycling club you have most likely never heard of.

Well there are a couple of reasons.  Firstly, a legendary mate of the Bike Chaser team has been spruiking the message about this club to anyone who will listen (and sometimes even when they won’t) for quite a while now, and secondly that same mate has embarked on a journey to enable cycling fanatics on the other side of the world to live their dream, in a truly amazing way, and the Bike Chaser team recently had the privilege of attending an information night where we experienced the stories of how it all began and the impacts already being seen.

So let’s begin with, where is Masaka.  Masaka is a town located in Southern Uganda, approx. 130 km southwest of Kampala at an elevation of 1,310 Mtrs.  It is a market town and is an important commercial centre to the surrounding coffee growing regions.  

Hidden Athlete Project & Tim Diamond Cotton On Foundation

With a distinct lack of traffic laws and sealed roads it’s hard to image a cycling club even exists here, and it’s even harder to imagine that the cyclists at this club possess a natural talent for cycling at a level we can only imagine.

Although we could go on, we think it’s best for our good mate Ross Burrage to share his story and that of the Masaka cycling club.  Check it out in the below video

Amazing right?

We all love cycling, and we all understand the challenges this team face in their day to day lives in Uganda.  Then throw in: trying to train / getting yourself to events / acquire bikes and parts while working 7 days a week for around $40 (AUD) a month. 

Why Masaka Cycling Club  

This project is designed to mobilise some of the best male and female cyclists in Uganda that happen to be born and based in the South, yet do not have access to equipment or opportunity due to their level of poverty. This project will also include a development program for youth, disadvantaged and disabled. We are the Inclusive Club.

Masaka Cycling Club is located in the Masaka District approximately 3 hours drive South of the Ugandan Capital Kampala. The South of Uganda is a very poor region and sport in Masaka is quite suppressed in comparison to the opportunity that exists in Kampala and other East African Nations.

Hidden Althlete @ Bike Matters

What is the Project aiming to do 

This project is designed to be sustainable and simple to be part of, through community engagement.  Supporters can contribute in small ways like a recurring monthly donations, or through bike and equipment donations. Its a call to action to help those who can do with a hand up. The backbone of the projects target the following areas;

  1. Annual membership to three key Associations/Bodies to ensure the Masaka Cycling Club is recognised as a sporting club and has access to the top road races in Uganda and Africa.
  2. Annual Lease of a Clubhouse in Masaka for riders to gather, train and recruit young male, female & disabled riders from the region.
  3. Establish the club with mechanical equipment so they are able to provide mechanical support to the region and generate a source of income for members and individuals.
  4. Purchase of a Team Kit (including shoes & helmets) for members to share, train and race in throughout Uganda and Africa.
  5. Purchase parts and supplies for maintenance for their Race Bikes which will be kept specifically for race day purposes. 
  6. Provide ongoing travel, food & accommodation support for riders travelling to events to compete in the Masaka Cycling Club colours.
Ross’s Introduction to Club Team Member

FUNDRAISING GOAL: $AUD20,000. 200 monthly donors is all it will take to make a massive impact on this community. 

PERFORMANCE GOAL: The club is fortunate enough to already have three elite quality riders plus 40 other hard working club members with enormous potential. One rider is the 2016 Uganda National Champion. It is not unreasonable to expect this club could produce an Olympic or Commonwealth Games Cyclist one day with the right nurturing and care.

See what has been achieved already

To learn more or help out, head to the Hidden Athlete.

A big thanks to  Bike Matters in Torquay, for hosting us, and for thanks to Ross for the invite and an amazing information night.

To participate in this project all you need to do is follow this link to Here you will find information to join the project or follow and receive updates.  Also head to the Hidden Athlete podcast Social Pages on Instagram @thehiddenathletepodcast and The Hidden Athlete Podcast Facebook page.

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