2018 Peaks Challenge Training Program


Want to take your riding to the next level? We’re offering a unique opportunity to get personal coaching from David Sturt in the lead-up to the 2018 Peaks Challenge. See below for the full detail.

What do you get?

Three <30 minute direct phone call discussions with David Sturt for each of the three blocks.

Two on-road sessions where you can meet David for one-on-one bike coaching within a group of other Peaks Challenge participants.

Why is it important?

Direct phone calls with David during each block will allow David to better understand your unique requirements. For example, how much conditioning do you have, what logistical challenges you face on a weekly basis, and what ambitions you have for the event. By understanding these three aspects, David can recommend alterations of the program to suit your specific needs.

On-road sessions with David will allow him to assess your form on the bike. Posture, pedal stroke, and overall position. As each block is different, David will be able to assess your personal attributes on the bike within different scenarios, ultimately educating you on efficiencies and improvements for more power, endurance and comfort on the bike.

When is this happening?

After payment, you will receive direct email contact from Bike Chaser to obtain your availability for the first introductory conversation with David. You will then receive additional contact within block 2 and block 3 to arrange appropriate times.

Group rides will be organised at a specific meeting location at 7am in the Dandenong - Twice during February, all on Sunday mornings. We may look to run rides across multiple Sundays in February depending on the group size and peoples availability. We will consult with you once registered.

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