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Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles

At Epic Cycles we love bikes. We race them, we ride to work on them, we tour on them. We ride mountain bikes, we ride road bikes, we ride touring bikes, we ride folding bikes. We know how to ride them fast, we know how to ride them for fun, we ride them with kids, we ride them with friends. We know what a B17 is, what a Speedbone is and we are happy to help with your Brain, your Di2, your BB30, your drop and your sag. We are Brisbane’s most complete bike shop.


At Epic Cycles we believe the bicycle is a wonderfully benign and sustainable form of recreation and transport. We celebrate its use in all its many forms and feel both pride and privilege in being able assist and encourage our customers no matter what their cycling passion. We love to see our customers on their bikes whether they are a speed machine, an adrenalin junkie, an epic tourer or simply getting from A to B across town. Most likely on any given day we'll be doing at least one of these ourselves.

Our goal is to provide you with the best bicycle products and service available.

At Epic Cycles we pride ourselves on stocking brands we love to use ourselves. Products with lasting value, that are easy to use, short on gimmicks and high on quality.

We put a lot of effort into having items not commonly found in other cycling stores. Ever asked for an item in another bike store only to be given a blank look? We won’t do this to you here. Chances are one of us owns one. We want to help you solve problems, and we probably already have the solution.