Fork Yeh! The All-New Crest 34 Fork by Giant

Own Your Flow: The All-New Crest 34 Fork | Giant Bicycles

Building on over 40 years of expertise in the science of bicycle and bicycle component manufacturing, Giant introduces the Crest, all-new, fully tuneable suspension fork that brings plush action and precise control to more riders everywhere.
Available on select 2020 Giant mountain bikes.


Through precise in-house manufacturing processes like thixomolding and horizontal machining, the Crest’s uppers and lowers are perfectly circular and concentric and offer a virtually frictionless action. Additionally, the ultra-tight tolerances used in the machining of the Crest’s internals mean that they work together in close unison, providing a smooth, plush feel usually only found in much more expensive suspension forks.


For a mountain bike to ride well, the suspension fork can’t be too stiff or too flexy. Too stiff and it will bounce the rider around and cause fatigue. Too flexy and it will cause the rider to lose control easily, with potentially disastrous consequences. With Giant’s core stiffness chassis and trail-tuned engineering, we have the ability to precisely tailor the desired stiffness for the fork depending on stanchion size, helping riders ride more comfortably and more in control.


Incorporating a wide range of easily tuned air spring suspension adjustments, such as low-speed compression and an external rebound damper, was a key focus as giant developed a fork designed for all ride experiences. With extensive testing and input from pro-level to entry-level riders, they made sure that the air spring and dampers on the Crest can be easily fine-tuned for sensitivity to match all kinds of riding styles and terrain.

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