Ride the Long White Cloud – Day 5

Bad weather and knee problems seem to be ongoing themes as Cam pushes on through the North Island. Today he covered 113 kilometres from Tokoroa to Turangi, with some much needed R&R time in between morning and afternoon.

Cam’s update

After riding in the rain all day yesterday I looked at the forecast as soon as I got to our motel room at 6:30 pm, praying to see no rain. The forecast said heavy rain all day. I woke up this morning and it was pouring. I started on my 200 kilometre journey from Tokoroa to Taihape. The rain was heavy and unrelenting.

North Island NZ cycling

I was on Highway 1 again. Less trucks than right up north, but this time when they passed I was being drenched with water spray. At times the rain and spray was so heavy my visibility was nonexistent. Alice sat behind me in the car with the blinkers on, which made me feel safe.

However the thought of continuing on Highway 1 for another 140 kilometres in those conditions was concerning, so we pulled in at Taupo and checked the weather. The heavy rain was forecast to change to afternoon showers, so I decided to wait and use some precious daytime time to treat my knee and legs.

The big day yesterday on a bung knee was causing me to use different muscular groups in my legs and my left calf had been cramping badly when I took off in the morning. Taupo has hot springs (bonus!) so when I booked the closest massage I could get – being a noon appointment – I had an hour to kill. I jumped in some hot spring pools and let Mother Nature New Zealand reinvigorate my body after she has taken so much out of me! My veins popped (as per the picture below) as I left the pool on my way to get a tear-your-arse-off deep tissue massage. Boy did it hurt…

Much needed R&R for the legs powering Cam through New Zealand. The bruises from the acute quad treatment on day 3 are still visible. Thanks to Watches of Switzerland for helping Cam keep track of time during Ride the Long White Cloud

I had some quick lunch afterwards and I travelled as far as I could get given daylight, to a town called Turangi – 113 kilometres travelled all up today. I have the beauty of the Desert Highway on my doorstep tomorrow. Looks like I’ll get some rain, but not anywhere close to what it was today. I’m praying it clears so I get the snow capped mountains in the background while riding. I’m aiming for Palmerston North tomorrow, a 205-kilometre trip.

While you’re here, through Ride the Long White Cloud we are aiming to raise $30,000 for CanTeen, who support young people with cancer. Please check out the campaign page if you’d like to support this great cause.

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