Sex in an Altitude Tent (& the Benefits of Altitude Exposure)

Altitude training

With altitude solutions – such as masks, tents, and complete rooms – becoming more and more mainstream, the question needs to be asked – can you have sex in an altitude tent? While the benefits of altitude are compelling, and despite Rico Rogers (Ex Pro Cyclist / Owner of Box Altitude) compelling analogy i.e. altitude training is the equivalent effect of swapping out heavy training wheels for a pair of $4,000 carbon rims – the question still remains… can it effect the mood in the bedroom? (Find out in the below podcast)

In this podcast discussion we also delve into the intricacies of how to use altitude solutions (without moving to the Alps); the prescribed methodolgy for physiological gains, and the benefits each different approach (masks, tents and rooms) can provide.

Keep in mind that exposing yourself to altitude isn’t just for improved physical performance. It’s also proven to assist in weight loss and improved sleep. Although having said that – the sleep benefits are debatable, as many new comers to altitude exposure complain about restless nights sleep. Perhaps short term pain for long term gain is required here!

Listen to the podcast:

Show notes can be seen here

altitude tent
This is an altitude tent set up for a Queen bed. To set one of these units up is kinda like an IKEA furniture style scenario. The first few nights at altitude can be a little uncomfortable as mentioned. But ultimately, once you’ve conditioned yourself, you’re supposed to rest much better.
altitude mask
This is Rico Rogers (Ex pro cyclist and now Owner of Box Altitude) wearing the mask. The mask solution is best used whilst in training mode, notably on an indoor trainer. While the ideal scenario is to get 8-10hour of altitude exposure a day, a mask simply isn’t practical while you sleep. Nor while walking around or heading to a business meeting with it on.
Altitude room
The MAK Daddy. The entire room at altitude. In fact, this is where I did my podcast with Rico (not this exact room, but in a complete room at altitude). The costs of putting a room into complete altitude starts from $30K. While that may seem significant, when you consider the long term benefits of weight loss, enhanced sleep, and improved physiological performance, then price becomes less relevant. The entire room at altitude takes away the intrusive nature of a tent and also means you can get more exposure, either during the day or in the evening while spending time in the room (which would typically be a bedroom).

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