Bike Chaser Launches eCommerce for Bike Shops (& Same Day Delivery)

eCommerce for bike shops

To celebrate two years – now servicing over 140 local Aussie bikes shops – Bike Chaser would like to offer existing bike shops our eCommerce engine, and invite new Aussie bike stores to join our online marketplace for cycling products. With a special offer in February 2019.

The benefit our online consumers will also get out of this new eCommerce feature for Aussie bike stores is the ability to physically purchase an item through Bike Chaser, and receive it same day! More details on that, below…

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What we’re offering to new bike shops:

• GET your first 60 days 100% free.

• Get access to personalised Shop Page

• Classified advertising and eCommerce

• 0% transaction fee on eCommerce sales

• Same day delivery service with Passel

• Consumers get their first 10 deliveries with Passel 100% free

If you like your experience within the first two months, Bike Chaser’s monthly bike shop subscription of $97 per month will kick in. No clicks, no commission, no bullshit…JUST $97 per month.

A little bit more on this special offer…

The Bike Chaser marketplace has been strictly classified advertisements to date. Meaning, our bike shop clients list products which they have for sale – either in store or available to order – and consumers will be exposed to these products on our website and either phone or message that bike store. This ultimately generates leads and new customers for Aussie bike stores, while consumers will ideally find a good quality retailer they can commence their bike riding journey with.


We now have an operational eCommerce engine (launching TODAY!), meaning bike shops can physically sell items through the Bike Chaser website. And consumers can purchase!

In addition, we have exclusively partnered with a company called Passel. This means we can offer SAME DAY DELIVERY for online customers (mainly in metro areas), finally giving local Aussie bikes stores the ability to compete with major online players.

Bike shops can register here

Can we get cyclists delivering to cyclists?

Watch the video:




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